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Loosing Your Grip on Time?

It started out so simple. A post here and there. Then you started trying to figure out why your online sales sucked wind!

Why Are You Failing on Social Media?

You want an online presence? You want web site traffic? You want sales? Pay attention because this is going to save you a ton of heart break and frustrations. Social Media Marketing is not sales! Social media marketing is MARKETING. That's it! Lead generation and paid advertising is SALES. Check out this simple to understand graph chart. And keep reading. Click to view and download the PDF. If you don't understand how to use each platform, you are wasting your time and money! To create an online presence takes time - if you want my "25 Most Compelling Reasons Why SMM Works!" Click here. As an added bonus get my "Definitive Guide for Online Business Growth" that explains the differences betwe

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