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Lead generation is about finding your target audience (strangers and prospects) who might be interested in your products or services and then trough a series of steps, gain their trust, build a relationship and turn them into customers.
You'll hear a lot about the customer journey. Lead generation is more than an online ad. By capturing a prospects contact info, you create a potential recurring sales pipeline.
Lead generation has it's roots based on two foundations: paid online advertising and email marketing. You have to develop the content and visual context of what you want to deliver to your audience. Then the promotion/ ad and once you capture the lead, nurture the relationship until the purchase. There's up-selling, down-selling, re-marketing and re-targeting and the value of a life time customer - repeat purchases over time. 
Lead generation is not simple. There's lots of intuitive thought processes and technical insights involved. And then there's the data that drives decisions. What is the overall cost of acquisition per lead and per customer?
You must constantly test the data so when you begin, there's the dreaded 'wait while the clock ticks' and 'the money goes bling bang' out the door.
Lead generation is a process and it takes money to make this happen. There's management fees, ad costs and fixed online application payments. 
Paid online advertising or PPC (pay per click) can be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Adwords and anywhere else your target audience lives.
Email marketing, also called marketing automation, drip campaigns and email campaigns is a series of emails, initially in response to your ad that points to a landing page with an offer and CTA (call to action). Some lead gen ads have built in contact forms. And several of the email marketing services include landing page builders.
The landing page, offer and CTA is intended to begin the process of the funnel to bring in leads most likely to buy your product or service.
Social media and your PPC must carry the same messages and goals. 
PPC and your landing page(s) must match. 
Email Marketing.
If you have a large customer base you may not need paid advertising or at least you can scale back on your ad budget. You could initially focus on a more aggressive social media campaign using CTA buttons directing to a landing page together with a email marketing campaign.

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When it comes to lead generation - it is better to have a few of the right kind than many who don't buy. go after high quality leads that will convert.

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Take a moment to fill in your name and email and you'll receive our free "definitive guide for online business growth."