Launch of Non-Profit Learning Site - Community Outreach

ConsultPOD's team of web design imagineers celebrated the launch of - a nonprofit learning website. The site incorporates many of today's newest design features including video, blogs, behind the scenes SEO, contact forms and site improvements.

This project began as a groundbreaking effort to help promote the work of the nonprofit Israeli Ki B'Yitzchak, which provides counseling and financial support to families in the greater Jerusalem area. Design efforts focused on creating an English site where people can come and learn about the beauty of Judaism and participate in live call-in classes. Rav (Rabbi) Yitzchak Reuveny is known as a Mekubal (mystic) and has dedicated his life to helping those seeking answers and needing guidance.

To understand more about the Zohar (Book of Splendor) and Rav Reuveny visit his website or watch this inspiring video about the Rav.

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