Need Help Defining Your Message? USTaxDisclosure Re-launch Plan

U.S. Offshore Tax Compliance LLC presented a unique challenge. Even though this CPA tax firm is located in South Florida, many of their clients reside overseas. We were approached to create a more integrated site, updated look, content and copy relevant to their industry, research and present solutions for secure online document management, analysis of competitor’s fee and service structure, email marketing, live

help, and a revamp of their CPA and tax services site. Phase 2 of the re-launch for had to include the parameters, budget and solutions for attracting new visitors and converting them to clients. This phase included a specific SEO plan and the use of a Google adword campaign. One of the more complicated components was to generate inquiries from U.S. tax payers who either live overseas or earn foreign income or hold financial assets in offshore accounts in the Middle East, Europe, Central and South America and Asia. Phase 3 continues with strengthening their social media marketing platforms including Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

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