Selling on Facebook

The latest Facebook stats show that video’s will generate over 60% of FB sales – David at ImagineerWebDesign noted that we’ve transitioned from using images and text to a broader marketing solution called image carousel’s. And in the past 18 months video’s have dominated the sales market. Video’s produce a much more dynamic and compelling rate of interest than anything we’ve seen before. Video’s need to be under 30 seconds and it’s best to limit to 15 to 20 seconds.

Using sites such as HotJar, we can study buyer behaviors via heatmaps and eye tracking and we see that user experiences match our Google Analytics analysis. A new visitor’s attention span, the decision to stay or leave your site is under 30 seconds.

Video clicks should generally direct a person to a product or landing page – a call to action. Video’s can be informational, sales oriented or provide a user with interesting engagement content. You need to provide a mix. If your FB page is only about pushing product and you and your company and never engages your audience sales will flat line and so will your followers.

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