Video Dominates Over 65% of Social Media Content Views

The 3 most prolific ways to drive traffic to your website are SEO, online paid ads (PPC) and targeted social media content (TSMC). SEO is an ongoing process and can take 8 to 12 months to see results. PPC can drive immediate results but if you don’t manage ads the right way, you could spend a lot of money without much to show for it. And, social media sits in the middle when it comes to timely results. Watch how online video's have become a dominate force generating online sales - here's one about mentoring.

Video | Teens Transitioning Into Young Adults | Scott Paly

Each venue has a specific purpose. Our social media marketing agency works with several start-ups where all 3 of these categories present challenges.

Anyone who has launched a web site and is still in business can tell you that if you rely on your website alone, without having the means to drive traffic to your site, then you will travel a very lonely road to oblivion. The latest stats I read about new online retail store launches, puts the success rate below a whopping 5% after 90 days. A 95% or higher failure rate.

As technology continues to flourish and AI moves into the online retail space, the information gathered by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others, provides great opportunities for social media marketers to assist businesses in attracting targeted audiences (your potential customers).

If you haven’t heard about “relevant" content, it’s the trigger that all social media platforms and browsers watch and use to determine where your content appears and who will see your social media posts on social media platforms.

If your content is not relevant to the audience you are connected too, your posts won’t be delivered to your audiences’ post feeds.

If your content is delivered, you still may not see results, because you are connected to the wrong audience(s).

Having tons of “friend” and business connections that have nothing to do with your targeted audience(s), makes it that much more difficult to grow.

The 1st thing you need to do, is to decide who your audience is (i.e. who is your client) – this is a marketer’s initial focus – who is and how can I get to this group of people for you.

Did you know that the life of a post is anywhere from 3 to 18 minutes?

Only 3 to 5% of your connections will be shown your posts.

And if your audience is not online at the time your post is delivered, it won't be seen.

Did I mention, that even if the post is seen, but your connections are not your target audience(s) then - forget about it! You get the picture.

Put these stats together and you get a compelling picture why social media marketers have their work cut out for them and so do you.

Which brings me back to why video’s have become the #1 sales marketing tool in social media. People now view social media platforms on their smartphones by 3 to 1 versus desktop. Video’s drive over 65% of online views and most of sales.

The next generation of social media marketing agencies are beginning to provide some type of video marketing services as part of their service options.

If you haven’t explored social media video content, now’s the time, because it’s what will help you get found.

Video | - US Expat Tax Service | Jason Kovan

Video | YouTube: | SocialMediaHacked - David Speyer

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